Cordell Dr/ Danville

Cordell Dr/ Danville

Collaboration is key

A remodel can be stressful, especially if you plan on living in your house during the project. We can work with you to reduce that stress by setting up a schedule that works for both of us. We will work closely with you to make the project as smooth as possible.

High-quality, Local Material sourcing

We source our materials locally, because the contacts we have made in my 35+ years of business allows us to have access to the highest quality materials to ensure that your project will always turn out great.  



We will help turn your bathroom into something you'd be proud to use. We offer a complete range of services for bathroom remodel: plumbing, shower & tub, custom tile & granite installation, & more.

Good, Efficient work

Remodels are very displacing for homeowners. We understand that not being able to use your kitchen or bathroom for a long time can become frustrating. That is why we guarantee that our work will be quick & efficient, and dependable.